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Aquacity Freediving in Cornwall is a school and club founded by two people with a passion for water: Georgina Miller and Daan Verhoeven. We base our teaching on the joy and freedom that water gives us, and on our years of experience, diving everywhere from the cold green waters of Sweden to the crystal blue of the Bahamas.

We are right beside the sea here on a beautiful sheltered beach. We have fantastic shore diving for qualified free divers, beginner to advanced courses by SSI PADI and AIDA freedive agencies, wildlife trips and boat diving to see some of the exciting wreck or reef sites on the near by Manacle reef. Max depth 70m but a really great spot for free diving with tonnes of wild life and spectacular underwater scenery. On site heated indoor pool for static and dynamic apnea.

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Dean’s Blue Hole

“The world’s best freediving location.”

Imagine a salt-water swimming pool, with warm, calm waters that run 203m (660 ft) deep, populated by snapper, jacks and colourful tropical fish, patrolled by a school of silver-plated tarpon and visited by curious rays, turtles and tiny seahorses. An underwater cathedral festooned with light and life. This will be your classroom, your playground, your sanctuary…

Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest Blue Hole in the world, and the second largest underwater chamber. It is enclosed on 3 sides by a natural rock amphitheatre, and on the fourth side by a turquoise lagoon and powder white beach. Swell and wind don’t reach inside the Hole, and visibility is usually between 10 – 30 meters (30 – 100 feet). At the surface the Blue Hole is 25 x 35m (80 x 120 feet), but opens out after 20m (60 feet) into a cavern with a diameter of at least 100m (330 feet) – we still haven’t found the edges!

It is still unknown how Dean’s Blue Hole was formed exactly, as it is almost twice as deep as any of the other cents in the Caribbean that were formed when limestone chambers caved in from above. One hypothesis is that a much deeper cave slowed and moved upward as its ceiling eroded away.

A school of tarpon hang in the shadows at 20m (65 feet) and friendly turtles sometimes come into the hole for a break from the ocean currents. The coral caves and sand banks on the side of the entrance harbour all kinds of tropical reef life, from tiny shrimps up to groupers and snappers.

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